The Snaptactix product portfolio features a variety of tools designed to optimize your online business efforts.

From training to graphics to tracking and analytics, each product was specifically created as a solution that gets you closer to your goals by simplifying the process along the way.


If you’re looking to create videos that attract, engage, and convert to sales, look no further! Doodly is an easy to use, yet powerful doodle animation video creator that helps bring your videos to life. Designed with simplicity in mind, you can literally point and click your way into creating your very own doodle video in minutes. Pre-loaded with characters, images, fonts, and sounds, you’ll have everything you need to get started today.

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Leverage the power of video ads in your social media strategy! Vidizi is an easy-to-use, push button video software that will help you grab the attention of viewers, increase your social media engagement and advertising conversions. Click learn more to get started.

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Pixel Studio FX

Pixel Studio FX is an easy-to-use web app that allows you to create eCovers for your online marketing business. From kindle to digital marketing, we offer templates in over 23 niches and feature flexible drag and drop components to build over 3,000 combinations. Get creative with your own professional designs using Pixel Studio FX.

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Social Studio FX

Social Studio FX is a drag and drop graphics studio that allows you to create custom designs for all your social media and advertising needs. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram and even custom sizes, we offer templates for any social media platform and feature flexible components to create over 13,200 design combinations. Ditch the designers and channel your own creativity with Social Studio FX.

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Custom software built from the ground up, ClickPerfect is an easy-to-use click tracking and click targeting platform. It allows you to mask/cloak links and track clicks in real time, while protecting yourself from the typical mistakes advertisers and email marketers make. Tracking every click to help you maximize your reach and revenue, ClickPerfect is here to help you!

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Push Connect Notify

Push Connect Notify is a 100% cloud based software that allows you to leverage the power of the recently released Push Notification technology on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Push Connect Notify takes push notifications and adds a marketing spin, allowing you to fully customize messages while capturing email opt ins from your website visitors.

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Email Tools

EmailTools is a 4-in-1 suite that addresses the most crucial aspects of Email Marketing: Engagement, Personalization, Urgency, and Feedback. Optimize your marketing efforts with custom timers, images, videos and surveys. Watch your clicks, engagement AND conversions increase with EmailTools!

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Review Trust

Discover how you can automate the entire process of collecting and displaying reviews and testimonials on your website, eCommerce store, blog, or sales page. Review Trust helps you increase conversions by leveraging the power of social proof.

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LeadsTunnel is an automation tool that eliminates the handling of lead information for Facebook Advertising. With Lead Ad campaigns, transferring contact information is time consuming and complicated. LeadsTunnel syncs with your Facebook Business account to automate the transfer of lead information, saving you time, money and lost leads!

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Selling your own product is a great way to maximize income, but the development process is time consuming, overwhelming and expensive. Concierge by Snaptactix is a full, turn-key and “done-for-you” solution that eliminates all of that hassle. We provide the completed package with customized installation from product to payment processing. Let us do the work and get you commission ready, jump-starting your success!

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Looking for a solution to add video to your emails? Viffy was designed to help you create “mini-videos” or gif’s that can be placed inside email messages, on websites, eCom stores, or even Facebook pages!  Grab any YouTube Video or upload your own to create your very own Viffy!

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Urgent Timer

Urgent Timer is a push button tool that allows you to create countdown timers in just seconds. These timers increase the sense of urgency and scarcity for viewers, which is the easiest and fastest way to increase your sales and conversions. Place customized Urgent Timers in emails, on your website, your eCom store, and more!

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