Why You Should Be Using Push Notifications in Your Business

Thanks to the latest tools and technology, push notifications are being used to help marketers accomplish two important goals: Driving engagement with their target audience and boosting customer retention.

And so far, it’s working.

Data shows that brands who send just one push notification to users encouraging them to complete the onboarding process will see a 71% increase in user retention over a two-month period. Additionally, other research found that targeted push notifications can improve response rates by 4-7 times.

With the help of this tool, marketers can deliver the power of real-time push notifications to the 40% of internet users who still primarily use desktop for browsing. Let’s look at a few specific ways you can leverage push notifications as well as some best practices.

How to Use Push Notifications

The first step to using push notifications is finding a tool that allows you to integrate this feature with your website. PushConnectNotify, or PCN, is a great cloud-based option with nothing to install and no coding or design skills needed.

Added bonus: This resource also lets you connect with Android device users.

Once your tool is installed, it will begin to work by prompting a small alert box asking if the visitor wants to receive push notifications from you. When they agree and opt-in, they’ll be added as a subscriber to your list.

From here, you can use push notifications as part of your larger marketing strategy. You might do things like:

  • Use it to increase your list of email subscribers
  • Get around ad blockers (86% of internet users have ad blockers)
  • Share real-time offers and promotions that drive sales
  • Reinforce limited-time offers that are about to expire

No matter how you decide to put this tool to work, it will serve as an excellent resource for keeping your most important information front and center with site visitors. It’s a good idea to experiment with different types of information shared via this medium to see which works best and produces the highest click-through rate.

Next up, let’s look at some tips and best practices for push notifications that will make your offers highly effective.

Tips and Best Practices

Successful push notifications do a few things well: They’re succinct, compelling, personalized, and limited in use. Here is how you can master each best practice and create home-run notifications that get the job done.

  1. Create clear, concise copy: Typically push notifications are limited to 40-120 characters, so it’s essential to keep the messages here short and action-oriented. When writing your copy, think about showcasing the benefits of your offer and using words that encourage the reader to take immediate action. It’s also a good idea to create a sense of urgency or scarcity to make the reader realize he or she needs to take action right away.
  2. Share News Alerts: Push notifications work well when leverage as real-time news alerts. They can promote current sales and offers, share notifications about the nearing end of a promotion, or even announce a brand new offering. Keep timing in mind, as you’ll want to consider where your site visitors are around the world and when these notifications will make the biggest impact.
  3. Push Personalized Offers: One-size-fits all isn’t a good offer strategy for push notifications, as this can make your messages feel irrelevant and spammy. Instead, push personalized offers that are customized to the site visitor’s interests and preferences to increase relevancy and make them feel tailor-made.
  4. Don’t over-send: Push notifications work best when sent sparingly. Over-use them, and you’ll frustrate your website visitors by bombarding them with messages. Limit notifications to only the essential information you want to share.

The main thing to remember with push notifications is that they should present small pieces of information that drive some sort of desired action – whether that’s to make a purchase, leverage a coupon code, sign up for an event, etc. When used wisely, they can become an integral part of your conversion and sales funnel.

Push Notifications: Your Key to Driving Action

When you craft the right message with the right tool, push notifications can become the key to more effective marketing that you’ve been missing for far too long.

If you’re ready to start adding push notifications to your business, we’re excited to announce our brand new release of Push Connect Notify, 2017 Edition – and for a short time, you can get this tool (the same one we use here at Snaptactix!) at a heavily discounted rate.

In no time at all, you can integrate push notifications with your own website!

Think about how you can integrate this strategy into your efforts and what impact it makes with your target audience. You might be surprised at the results you find – and we think you’ll like them.

Go see Push Connect Notify in action here!

Let us know in the comments below how you plan to use push notifications to drive engagement with your customers!

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Cassi Knight

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