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10 Tips for Success in 2016!

Today’s post is a bit different – it’s more motivational, but motivation is the key to success.

I just read some GREAT advice on Business Insider and I couldn’t agree with the article more BUT… I didn’t like the way it was worded nor did I felt it would resonate with most people. I had to “rewrite” it to make it fit who I am and the way I think.

So, I’ve compiled a nice list of 10 tips that I believe will help you succeed with your online business in 2016:

  1. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your past, it just doesn’t matter. If you’re MOTIVATED to push forward, you CAN succeed.
  2. The EASIEST and FASTEST way to “make money” is solve a problem. You see all these product launches out there? They are PROBLEM SOLVING products.
  3. Don’t listen to negative people – all they do is drag you down. Be grateful for what you have and never settle.
  4. THINK BIG! The bigger you think – the more to expect.
  5. LOSE the fear. Lose the scarcity mindset. Start seeing money for what it is: the ability to give you freedom, opportunity, possibility, and abundance in life.
  6. Being successful isn’t a privilege – it’s a right, because you deserve it. It isn’t luck. People who are successful worked hard and got there because they TOOK ACTION.
  7. STOP WAITING and take action. Start DOING and start FAILING. If everything was “so easy” then success wouldn’t be a big deal.
  8. Stop worrying about running OUT of money. Focus on how to make MORE. Constantly WORRYING is not the way to GROW.
  9. STOP holding yourself back. That seems to be the #1 thing people do – talk themselves into not trying or holding themselves back. YOU can be your worst enemy or your BEST cheerleader.
  10. ANYONE can make as much money as they want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Think about this today!

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Founder & CEO at Snaptactix
Jimmy is not only our founder and the CEO here at Snaptactix, but also the CEO of Sendlane and COO of KNYEW. Over the past 8+ years, Jimmy's influence as an Internet Marketing Consultant and Coach have helped over 30,000 students start their own online businesses in over 68 different countries.
Jimmy Kim


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