Our Story

The Snaptactix story begins with an entrepreneur whose skepticism was outweighed by his curiosity and drive.

In 2009, Jimmy Kim started his journey into the internet marketing world by joining an affiliate network. When asked for a company name he improvised, choosing “JK Marketing.”

Fast forward to 2015 – 6 years and 30,000 students later, Jimmy Kim’s online “hobby” had become a full-fledged business, supported by an entire team. Recognizing the potential for growth still ahead, the company was re-branded and Snaptactix was born.

Today, we strive to increase the accessibility of online marketing, regardless of background or tech proficiency. Our team leads by example, featuring a mix of seasoned marketers, designers and creative talent from other fields, providing our customers with versatile and multi-faceted solutions for any online business.

Snaptactix is designed for anyone with a desire to be successful online – for curious, driven entrepreneurs who dream of paving their own way.

Meet The Team

Jimmy Kim

CEO and Founder

Originally from the Washington DC area and now located in Sunny San Diego, Jimmy Kim started his career washing cars at a local dealership at the age of 16. Rapidly, he transcended and at the young age of 25, he became one of the Youngest General Managers in the industry. However, the lifestyle this position demanded – working at least 80 hours a week and committing ones entire being to the profession – began to take a huge toll. Close to completely burning out, Jimmy altered his course and took on an entirely new career. Incorporating his proficiency in sales and marketing, he immersed himself into the world of Internet Marketing.

8 years later, our founder has taken his career and dedicated it to becoming an expert in Email Marketing, Copywriting, Backend Monetization and Mastering Funnel Development.

Jimmy’s entrepreneurial spirit has not only awarded him the role of CEO for Snaptactix, but he is also the CEO of Sendlane, an Email Service Provider and the COO of KNYEW, a Las Vegas based clothing boutique.

Cassi Knight

Director of Operations

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Cassi is our Director of Operations. With over 8 years of experience, she is extremely knowledgable in marketing, project management and company development. Fueled by pizza and coffee, she oversees, delegates and streamlines day-to-day activities. Cassi is dedicated to our success and leverages her extensive background to make Snaptactix as effective and accomplished as possible.

Kristen Dahlberg

Project Manager

Kristen is the Project Manager for Snaptactix, focusing on everything from organization to customer service, process improvement and content management. She coordinates directly with each and every member of the Snaptactix team and specializes in thoughtful, efficient execution of tasks across multiple platforms.

With a diverse background in Psychology & Social Relations, Customer Service and Restaurant Management, she enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal. Though she developed her professional skills through experience in a variety of fields, Kristen added online marketing to her repertoire after relocating to San Diego and quickly became the Snaptactix doer of all things.

Dean Valerio


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dean is the Snaptactix Controller. He has an extensive background in the accounting industry for 20+ years working in a variety of industries including Entertainment, Biotech, Manufacturing/Apparel and Real Estate. Dean holds a degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Business Administration.

Dean enthusiastically relocated to North County San Diego 10 years ago to marry his wife, a 4th grade teacher. In his spare time he can be found enjoying the beach with his wife and dog, and in the desert where he is building a weekend getaway.

Alex Everhart

Customer Happiness Specialist

Alex is a Customer Happiness Specialist at Snaptactix. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina he moved to San Diego after attending University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a focus in Electrical Engineering.

Combining his technical background and his love for helping people, Alex is dedicated to providing a great customer experience.

When he isn’t working he spends time playing guitar, skateboarding, and reading.