The Death of “Build My List”

Hey guys, so I wanted to write this post to all members about the death of Build My List.

Now before you make any assumptions on anything, please read every word so you get a clear understanding of what is going to happen.

FIRST of all, access to the member’s area is still here and will be here forever.

We will continue to service and support it so your account is always available.

That said, here’s what I’m talking about…

In May of 2015, we released Build My List 1.0 to the world.

It was an instant hit.

Over 11,000 students rushed in to grab their very first copy.

And from May till Nov 2015, we had over 1,100 students generate their first dollar online.

It was massive!

BUT – there was an “ugly side” to it.

With the major success and happiness, there was a strong group of people who felt that the system didn’t work as easy as they thought.

Or the hard work scared them.

This caused a massive level of refunds – about 16% which is HUGE.

At that time, it didn’t bother me because I knew that it wasn’t such a big deal.

So we kept making improvements and launched Build My List 2.0.

BML 2.0 was even stronger, even better and even more detailed than 1.0.

Plus, we cleaned up the sales messaging so that it didn’t give ANY unrealistic results.

So in Nov of 2015, over 9,000 more students rushed in, grabbed their copy and off to the races they went.

It was exciting times.

Exciting to see the growth of success and the affiliates I created that followed me.

But… the ugly side was still there.

Despite all of the improvements, we still had a refund rate of a little over 13%.

13% of people who felt it was either “too much work” or “too hard work”, or didn’t “make sense.”

Now, here’s when things got REALLY UGLY.

In Jan of 2016, I got a call from my merchant who processes payments and they told me “Jimmy, your refund rates are too high. We need you to hold them under 10% in order for us to work with you as a client.”

And that’s when the ugly truth really hit me.

No matter how much I tried to HELP people, the reality of hard work would not allow me to proceed forward with any future versions of the training.

Or, even the current version.

I held off as long as I could, but the inevitable had to happen.

I had to close down the sales portal to Build My List.

And I know that’s going to make a few people upset, but all I can do is apologize for it.

I tried my best.

I tried to make it available to the world.

I tried to make it work for everyone to the best of my ability.

So, I want to say, thank you for being one of my customers.

I hope you’ve been able to take an opportunity to be a part of one of my many programs that can help you automate your online business.

Build My List has taught me that I’d rather work with people like you; with hard working online business owners and newbies who understand that the future of their business starts with YOU and not me.

Build My List has also given me a new vision in my business.

One that drives me to work on creating amazing business tools like Doodly, ClickPerfect and Sendlane.

And, Build My List has left me with the pride of feeling success of helping over 1,100+ people start their business.

Thank you for being a follower.

I still plan to contact you, share a nice mix of content and promotions, like the cookie system teaches and hopefully you’ll invest yourself into another one of my future products.

Oh and one last thing – Leave a comment below, share with me your experience with Build My List, what you’re working on, and some general comments!

I’d love to catch up and see what you’re working on!

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Founder & CEO at Snaptactix
Jimmy is not only our founder and the CEO here at Snaptactix, but also the CEO of Sendlane and COO of KNYEW. Over the past 8+ years, Jimmy's influence as an Internet Marketing Consultant and Coach have helped over 30,000 students start their own online businesses in over 68 different countries.
Jimmy Kim


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Jimmy Kim

At this time no. I’ll continue creating great automation softwares with “some training” .. but nothing focused on JUST that.

Hermia craft

man oh man. why do those who are not trying to rip us off always seem to also get more of the short end of the stick than the schemers??
so sorry too many people wanted their pittance of $$s back. i have not fully availed myself of the info, but found it to be good and gave me more insight on my other endeavors. i had planned on going back to it when i had the other stuff set up and on auto pilot with a staff so i could devote more time to bml. i will see what’s left in the members area. i just got too busy with other items.
thanks for the blog post. i really do appreciate it, and the frankness with which you gave the info. Herm.


Jimmy, nice post. I think I have the answer for all of your subscribers and members. I will leave my email so you can contact me soon as time permits. If it should be automated then automate it. I have the Key that will open the door for your students.

All the best.

Wendy Finlayson

I agree with David P Schwartz. And in addition, I’d like to say, it’s not always that people don’t want to do the work Jimmy. Newbies are confronted with sales messages full of words and phrases that convey the idea of? … Very little Work! Phrases such as ‘3 easy steps’ ‘Fast and easy’ one I saw the other day was ‘set up a business in 17 mins.’ This is gross misrepresentation of the reality of online business. IMers know if they spelt out how expensive and complicated the customer acquisition process is, they would not make many sales. Like most IMers, I’ve fallen foul of several businesses that I’ve bought (so called done for you) that are so grossly misrepresented that they have to have long disclaimers that shift the responsibility for success or failure to the purchaser. I’m now having success online with my own digital product that helps people and is reasonably priced (not in the IM niche) . My experience with BML and Sendlane was mostly positive. But I didn’t make any money from it. Not because I didn’t try and wasn’t prepared to work. I did both. The technicalities and lining up of ducks was not well enough explained for me, so my solo ad purchase went awry and hundreds of dollars went down the drain. My fault. But I’d blown my budget on that product and so could not continue.


Hey Jimmy, why don’t you keep it as an evergreen product with your own payment platform outside of the marketplaces? I’m sure there is people out there who might be interested in enrolling.


Enjoyed bml very good course and learned a lot using it. Look forward to your next course and sorry you have to let bml go


Amazing – just by this post, you demonstrate you are a guy of guts!

I bought a lot of products, but not BML, for some strange reasons. Perhaps, it’s because somehow I sensed it’s a thin course with the sendlane pitch behind. Now I think the sendlane is real, but the BML course is worth it.

Soumen Ghosh

Hi Jimmy! I have started following all of your posts! Those are really amazing ! I have not purchased your list building course so it is my general comments only . In list building process the major reason for leaving it is the costs of purchasing traffics. Most of the people purchase clicks paying almost 1$ per click for quality visits. Then if he is not an authority only 10-15 % people open his emails. So, ultimately he looses interest. In most of the times most of the Gurus show some easy examples while selling their list building courses or DFY business system. I think they should mention on their salespages that to do a proper business you need good amount of money to invest. They can have free traffics to their lead capture pages, but one should work really hard and invest enough time to receive free leads!


Sorry to see it go, but I fully understand. I learned a lot from that program, made a few hundred dollars and continue to use it to date. I was just about to promote it to my list, so I’m glad I got it before I did. Unfortunately, there is a sizable number of ‘want to bees’ who what everything handed to them on a silver platter for next to nothing and expect to see money flow instantly flow into their hands; oh, it could be that easy lol! All The Best


Did anyone make any money with BML?
I saw one comment said made couple hundred. I have BML and still working on it. After seeing the few comments wonder if I should try something else?
Any ideas would be appreciated!

John Logan

Jimmy, I have to say that I have learned a great deal with BML and still do. I had to ask for help quite a few times at first and it was always provided to me in a quick and understanding answer.
I am sorry to see BML go but fully understand the circumstances. The material that you provide in snaptactix is outstanding. I will continue to follow you and your material as I know you will continue to provide us valuable insight like you have in all of your communications and programs. Thanks for the ride in BML and I will always continue to refer to the informative information in BML. I also have found Sendlane to be all that you have said it was and more. It is a very valuable piece of the puzzle that makes internet marketing so interesting.


Jimmy, you know I’m a big fan of yours and your teaching methods. I am truly sorry that so many folks didn’t see the gems ? inside BML. It is/was a truly a fantastic well thought out product. I still refer to parts of it. I will happy continue to be your student and learn from the things you’ve shared based on what you have already accomplished! Goodby Build My List!


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