How & Why to Leverage Video in Email

Many marketers are sometimes left scratching their heads when it comes time to craft the actual content within their emails.

They wonder, “What should I include in my email so that it’s engaging, quickly shares information, and connects with the audience in a meaningful way?”

They wrestle with templates and copy and images and rounds of A/B tests trying to find the perfect mix of material.

But sometimes, what’s missing is video.

In this post, we’ll look at how and why you should leverage video in your email marketing efforts.

First, let’s look at how video has become more and more important in email marketing.

The Rise of Video

Video is no passing trend in marketing.

Simply put, it’s a format we can’t ignore.

And it’s growth in recent times has been staggering.

In fact, some data indicates that as much as 74% of all internet traffic will be spent watching video.

Marketers around the world are taking note – and they’re making sure video is a key part of their strategy moving forward.

Consider how social channels have recently shifted their focus, too.

Facebook released Facebook Live for live streaming videos, and Twitter and Instagram also now allow short video recording within their tools.

Then there’s video-based Snapchat who has grown by 27% already this year.

When it comes to email, video isn’t something that should be left on the sideline, either.

It needs to be integrated and fully taken advantage of to maximize the potential of this marketing channel.


Because it’s extremely effective at communicating messages and engaging multiple senses for fast information processing.

Let’s explore in greater detail why video and email work so well as marketing tools.

Why Video is So Effective

Video is effective in email for several different reasons.

First of all, it’s the preferred form of content in the preferred distribution channel.

When MarketingSherpa polled consumers to see which format they preferred for communication from businesses, guess what they found?

Email was by far the most preferred platform.

Communication Format Preference

MarketingProfs then asked which content format consumers preferred when researching new products and found that video was the winner by a long shot.

Content Formats Desired
Image source

As you can see, pairing email and video is effective because it marries the two formats consumers most want – and when you can deliver what people actually want, it’s always going to be more useful and powerful.

But that’s not all.

Video is also a fantastic resource in email because it can simplify complex ideas into short sequences, it can be interactive, and overall, it’s more shareable content than static text.

Now that we understand why it’s so effective, let’s look at how you can put video to work.

Ways to Use Video in Email

Here are a few ideas for using video in email:

  • Product showcases: Create short videos that give an overview of products and showcase them in use while spotlighting features and benefits.
  • Testimonials: These videos are elements of social proof that spotlight past customers who can vouch for your product or service’s quality, results, and their overall personal satisfaction.
  • Message from the CEO: Have your CEO craft a personal message to subscribers on a specific subject that builds relationships and adds a face to your brand.
  • Explainer video: Put together a quick walk-through or how-to on your product or service that makes a value proposition and drives conversions.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, too.

You have so many reasons to put video to work in your email marketing – what are you waiting for?

In no time, your emails will be getting more opens, more clicks, and more overall engagement.

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Founder & CEO at Snaptactix
Jimmy is not only our founder and the CEO here at Snaptactix, but also the CEO of Sendlane and COO of KNYEW. Over the past 8+ years, Jimmy's influence as an Internet Marketing Consultant and Coach have helped over 30,000 students start their own online businesses in over 68 different countries.
Jimmy Kim


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