Mastering Copywriting to Drive Conversions & Sales

Copywriting is one of those skills that sounds intimidating, scary, and like a lot of work to master. Plus, it can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why so many marketers throw up their hands and outsource this work to someone who’s more confident in their abilities and that has more bandwidth.

But the reality is: Copywriting, as a form of advertising, is a formula. And if you can tap into the formulas that are proven to work, you can become an excellent copywriter, too.

Plus, this is a skill that pays. Research shows that adding a single strategic line of copy to a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 20%. Sounds nice, right?

In this post, we’ll look at how you can become a master copywriter without having to take an expensive course or spend years learning tricks of the trade.

Copywriting Basics

As we mentioned earlier, copywriting is often formula-based. The reason: These tactics are proven to tap into psychological triggers that work with the target audience. From aggravating a pain point you can solve, or talking up the benefits of the features your offering has, you can use proven copywriting setups to achieve your goal.

Let’s start with three copywriting basics you’ll need in order for these formulas to be successful.

  1. Know your target audience. In order for your copy to hit the mark with your readers, you need to understand exactly who you’re writing for. Ask yourself: What are their goals? Pain points? What are the daily problems in their lives you can solve or make easier?
  2. Know your offering’s features and benefits. Often times marketers make the mistake of only touting a product’s features – and they forget to point out the benefits and advantages those features produce. These benefits are what the readers really care about.
  3. Instill ethos. Including elements of social proof (think testimonials or case studies) alongside results you’ve produced can build up your credibility with the audience, making your offering more trustworthy.

Once you have these three facets nailed down, you can start crafting compelling copy that resonates with your audience.

A Copywriting Tool That Speeds Up the Process

The downside to copywriting is that even once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s often still a significant time investment. Those words don’t write themselves – which, again, is why this aspect sometimes gets handed off to a freelancer or outsourced help that can focus on doing the job well.

But outsourcing copywriting is another expense that cuts into your bottom line. Many people find themselves thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool that took these basic copywriting lessons and formulas and put them all together in one place to speed up the actual writing process? Then I could do this myself!”

The good news: Thanks to the technology of smart tools like Swipe-Worthy, you can get all of the benefits of copywriting formulas in a quick, prepared template format.

How it works:

  • Pick from 12 unique categories with over 200 unique sales messages and 40 email templates
  • Fill in the blanks for your project needs
  • Publish your material and put it to work

Using resources like this, you can simply insert your custom information and pull from prepared swipe files that leverage proven copywriting formulas to quickly build customized marketing content.

As long as you have the basics (which we outlined earlier), you can simply drop in your custom information and create well-written, conversion-oriented copy in minutes. Think of it like ad-libs, but for online marketing copy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder When it Comes to Copywriting

We know that well-written copy converts. So rather than investing hours of your time into courses on copywriting or paying someone to craft marketing copy for your business, it makes sense to leverage tools that helps you get all of the benefits copywriting hacks – but in a fast, easy-to-use format.

With some basic copywriting knowledge and a tool like Swipe-Worthy, you can start creating high-converting copy for your target audience faster than ever before.

Work smarter, not harder… your audience and your bottom line will reap the benefits.

Over to you! What has your experience been with crafting copy?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to hit like and share to help us spread the word.

Cassi Knight

Cassi Knight

Director of Operations at Snaptactix
With an extensive background in sales, marketing and management, Cassi has leveraged what she’s learned throughout her career and applied it towards making our company as successful as possible.
When she’s not assisting wherever she can within our organization, you can find her eating pizza, solving sudoku puzzles and hanging out with her family.
Cassi Knight


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Rochelle Odubela

Totally agree, my experience with copy is exact,y what you said the time investment is huge! It can take me weeks to just nail down a headline. Knowing your audience is key, it makes it so much easier to write if you know who you’re talking to. I’m currently writing copy for a personal development client of mine and it’s been really tough but now I’ve nailed down my target audience, the words are flowing much easier now. Thank you for sharing your tips!


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