(Review) Flickgraph vs Graphitii – The Cinemagraph Battle

So last night, I intended to shoot a nice long video comparison of these two brand new Cinemagraph video/gif creators – but technology got the best of me, so I’m doing a written one instead. (so continue reading)

Over the past few months, the idea of “motion images” where everything is still, except for one element moving- has become the new ‘hot’ trend.

I’m sure you’ve seen it – it’s all over social media and it’s becoming the new way to engage and attract people to your social media and advertising.

Let me show you some stats:

– IMPROVE a blog’s organic reach by as much as 71%
– INCREASE the results of social media advertising by as much as 34%
– BOOST Facebook engagement by a massive 85%
– ENHANCE email engagement by as much as 72%
– It’s even been shown to DECREASE advertising CPC by as much 45%

And with any hot trend comes the offering of great software from creative people.

Today, I want to review with you TWO programs that just became available today: Flickgraph and Graphitii.

I had the pleasure of checking both out in full and giving each the full test.

Flickgraph – Created by Andrew Darius at Explaindio.
– desktop software: so you can download and use it with or without internet (mac or pc)
– The UI is a bit hard to understand at first, use the tutorials and it’s easy enough
– The variety of export features – video or gif and you can select your size
– Ability to un-erase or un-do
– Opacity and Smoothness
– Add an image of your choice over the video

Graphitii – Created by Joey, David, and Jamie aka the Viddyoze team.
– 100% Cloud based – nothing to download or install
– Requires Internet
– Offers Commercial/Enterprise License
– Has a MOBILE version, so you can use your phone to record video, edit, and post!
– The UI is really easy to follow, as it’s simple
– Allows you to add texts
– Allows you to “draw” on the video
– Processes and saves on their servers

Now here’s what I liked AND hated about each of them:

With Flickgraph, I really liked the desktop feature, but I hated the UI. I love jumping in like a normal person would to start creating and using the tool. That’s what I consider the “mom test” when it comes to software. But there is a small learning curve that can be fixed by watching the videos on how to use the software.

With Graphitii – I always appreciate cloud based software, as there is nothing to download, BUT when it came to uploading and rendering, I found it a bit slow – which could cause problems if you’re on a slower internet connection.

Both products give you the same output – neither are better in quality or looks.

So the question you ask is – which one is right for you?

Now you may already have history with these developers/marketers and be able to make your decision based on that – or based on features and pricing.

But instead of pushing you towards one, I wanted to give you the full benefits of both, so you can easily make your best decision 🙂

Flickgraph is running a special 50% off using coupon code greenday for St. Patrick’s day – you can get the details and demo here!

Graphitii just opened it’s doors – running an introductory launch special as well – you can get the details and demo here!

The decision is yours, I wanted to not only give you a clear and unbiased review, but to tell you, Cinemagraph are hot, whichever one you decide to go with, they are both winners and great tools to add to your marketing arsenal.




Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Founder & CEO at Snaptactix
Jimmy is not only our founder and the CEO here at Snaptactix, but also the CEO of Sendlane and COO of KNYEW. Over the past 8+ years, Jimmy's influence as an Internet Marketing Consultant and Coach have helped over 30,000 students start their own online businesses in over 68 different countries.
Jimmy Kim


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