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4 Ways to Use Doodle Videos for Increased Conversions

Animated videos that use doodle drawings, or doodle videos, are a great way to quickly break down complex ideas into a simple, visual format.

And many marketers are using them in a whiteboard or blackboard format for a variety of purposes to drive conversions and increase sales.

In this post, we’ll look in detail at some of the ways doodle videos are being put to work – and how you, too, can use them for your business.

Doodle Videos for Product Demos

When you’re trying to explain all of the things a product can do to an online customer during a product demo…it can be difficult when you’re only working with the product in your hand. However, using a doodle video, you can quickly illustrate a concept in a user-friendly way that’s not quite so technical (and, to be frank, ugly.)

Doodle videos also make product demos more engaging because rather than having the users stare at a static product on the screen, it allows them to see the concept of the product illustrated before their eyes.

Think about it: If you had to choose between someone actually showing you how a new software worked, in comparison to a quick doodle video that summarized the main tools and features – which would be more interesting to watch? Probably the latter.

Doodle Videos for Explainer Videos

Doodle videos are also great tools for quick explainer videos that break down and summarize a value proposition of a company offering, a product, or a service. Typically, these videos are anywhere from 90 seconds to five minutes long, and give the audience an overview of:

  • Basic summary of the company
  • Features and benefits of the product/service
  • Pricing or pricing structure
  • Applications and uses
  • Success stories

And because they are in a doodled, illustrated format, these videos have a fun, informal feeling about them with a hard sales pitch angle that a more traditional “person talking to the camera” type video does.

Doodle Videos for Trainings or Walkthroughs

In the same way doodle videos are great for breaking down and spelling out complex ideas and value propositions, they work well for training and walkthroughs with for both internal and external purposes.

Whether it’s onboarding a new customer so they get the most out of a service or product, or training a new employee on an important process, these videos can transform a complex series of steps into a simple format that’s both easy to understand, and approachable in context. There’s no feeling of overboard formality that adds unnecessary intimidation.

Bonus: Because it’s in a video format, this information is on-demand, so if a customer or employee ever needs to re-visit the information, all they have to do is re-watch a portion of the video.

Doodle Videos and Storytelling

Last, but not least: Doodle videos are great for telling stories. Just like a children’s book is illustrated, doodle videos use animation to tell narrative-driven stories – but about business.

And rather than taking the standard stock photo or face-to-the-camera approach, doodle videos have an air of fun and creativity that take the hard edge off of the sales and marketing angle – which is refreshing for many customers in our world of all-the-time marketing.

Doodle videos help business tell stories and stories first, rather than launching ahead with a sales pitch, features, and a “Buy this thing” mentality. It helps them create characters, put the customer within the storyline, and take an entirely new approach to messaging.

How to Create Doodle Videos for Increased Conversions

So, now that you know how you can use doodle videos, maybe you’re wondering: How can I make doodle videos?

Using a tool like Doodly, you can create doodle videos in three simple steps.

  1. Choose whether you want to create a whiteboard or blackboard doodle video.
  2. Use pre-made characters, props, images, fonts, and sounds – or upload your own to create your video.
  3. From there, simply export your video in multiple formats and share them on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? With a handy tool, you can build and launch doodle videos that help your customers in a matter of minutes – no coding or design skills needed.

Start Making Doodle Videos Today

Marketers have used doodle videos to help make more than $8.9M in sales – so we know they’re a powerful tool. The question is: Why aren’t you making them yet?

Start using a tool like Doodly today and see what you can put together for your own business. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Cassi Knight

Cassi Knight

Director of Operations at Snaptactix
With an extensive background in sales, marketing and management, Cassi has leveraged what she’s learned throughout her career and applied it towards making our company as successful as possible.
When she’s not assisting wherever she can within our organization, you can find her eating pizza, solving sudoku puzzles and hanging out with her family.
Cassi Knight


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